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Partybag Headquarters

via San Rigo 23 42123 Reggio Emilia RE

Partybag Headquarters

Su appuntamento.

347 806 88 41[email protected]

Ceccherini Music

via de’ Ginori 31r 50126 Firenze FI

Ceccherini Music

9:00-13:00 15:30-19:30

055 21 00 31[email protected]

Merula Express

via Carlo Porta 8 40128 Bologna

Merula Express

9:30 – 13:00 / 15:30 – 19:30
(Domenica e Lunedì Chiuso)

051 323026[email protected]

Musical Box

via dell’Artigianato 9/A 37135 Verona

Musical Box

Apertura negozio:
dalle 10.00 alle 13.00 e
dalle 15.30 alle 19.30
Chiuso la Domenica e il lunedì mattina.
Aperto fino alle 22:00 i secondi Lunedì del mese.

045 8205716[email protected]

Biasin Strumenti Musicali

Viale 1 Maggio, 20 33082 Azzano Decimo PN

Biasin Strumenti Musicali

Mattina: 09:00 / 13:00
Pomerggio: 15:30 / 19:30

0434 633135[email protected]

Piazzo strumenti

Via Galileo Galilei, 45 35035 Mestrino, Padova PD

Piazzo strumenti

Lunedi 15–19:30,
Da Martedi a Sabato 09–12:30 15–19:30,
Chiuso la Domenica

049 900 0348[email protected]

Face The Sound

via Fiume 5 20900 Monza MB

Face The Sound

349 340 85 44[email protected]

Street Jungle

Via Cavour 80 52100 Arezzo

Street Jungle

0575 912489[email protected]

Centro Musicale

Via Val Pellice, 85/95 141 Roma

Centro Musicale

9.30 – 13.00 / 15.30 – 19.30
Chiuso : Domenica

06.8861046[email protected]

Muzik Station

via 1 Maggio, 17 Correggio

Muzik Station

9:30 AM – 1:00 PM, 3:30 PM – 7:30 PM

0522 692786[email protected]


Via Giacomo Matteotti, 89 60121 Ancona AN


071 53618[email protected]

Timbro Musica

Via Cardinale di Rende, 24 82100 Benevento BN

Timbro Musica

Dalle 9 alle 13 e dalle 16.30 alle 20. Chiuso la Domenica

0824 43019[email protected]



Dieselstr. 22 85748 Garching bei München (Gewerbegebiet Hochbrück)


+49 (0)89 357355-17[email protected]


CrazyRabbit Pro Audio

Chilcherlistrasse 1 6055 Alpnach Dorf

CrazyRabbit Pro Audio

+41 79 911 88 60[email protected]


Power Zone

25ης Μαρτίου 83Α – 262 25 Πάτρα

Power Zone

2610 622710[email protected]



2440 Százhalombatta
Damjanich út 29/a


06 30 920 96 98[email protected]


HAEF Gitaaratelier & Lifestyle

Dorpsdijk 11 a 4354 AA Vrouwenpolder

HAEF Gitaaratelier & Lifestyle

Dagelijks geopend vanaf 10.00 uur tot 17.00 uur, dinsdag gesloten.

+31 (0)6 46 455 700[email protected]

About us

Paolo Dallari

Paolo Dallari

Sales Manager

We used to do parties…

Events, concerts, whatever: parties, in one word.

The main problem, when throwing a party, is where.
At home there’s not enough space, renting
a club is too expensive: partying outdoor under the stars is the most beautiful solution.
The limit? Electricity.

We came up with Partybag in order to avoid these problems, and party anywhere.

Fabio Coccomeri

Fabio Coccomeri

Production Manager

We are here to help!

We are available for any question you may have.

It doesn’t matter if your Partybag is old or brand new, we will fix it!

Send us an email at [email protected]

Contact us by phone at (+39) 366.422.77.51

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    Frequently asked questions from our customers

    Where can I buy a Partybag?
    You are in the right place! You can buy it online or in one of our retailers that is listed above.
    Any Partybag video?
    Can I rent a Partybag?
    In Italy the answer is: sure, we do it directly. One or more than one, even with wireless connecton between them to fully cover your event, and we take care of shipping as well.
    Contact us and we’ll help you prepare the best setup for your needs. Outside Italy: ask the nearest shop for it!
    Can I connect any kind of device to a Partybag? Smartphone? PC? Tablet?
    You can connect any Bluetooth® device to every Partybag model, plus you can connect via cable any device with an audio line output. Every Partybag model has in bundle a mini-Jack cable suitable to connect smartphones, mp3 players, tablet and personal computers with a headphones/line out. Plus, you can connect as well dynamic microphones and musical instruments, with their proper cables and/or adapters, to all Partybag models. If you have doubts on your specific needs feel free to contact us!
    Does Partybag have a warranty?
    Yes, every Partybag model comes with a 2 years warranty on every manufacturing problems and covers transducers and battery as well. If you have a problem not covered by the warranty, we can still fix it at affordable prices.
    How much does Partybag weight?
    Partybag 6 and 7 weight 6.2kg (13.6 lbs), Partybag Mini 2.4kg (5.3lbs).
    Do you ship Partybag worldwide?
    Yes, we ship (almost) worldwide directly from our website. Customs fee can be variable for shippings towards non-EU countries. For more information, or if you live in a place apparently not covered by our shipping (not appearing between the options after checkout) please contact us and we’ll figure out a solution.
    How long does the battery charge last, and how long it takes to recharge it?
    Depending on the usage it ranges from 8 to 42 hours on Partybag 6 and 7. Recharging time is maximum 3 hours.
    Can I use Partybag while charging?
    Yes you can, every Partybag model works also while charging.
    Can I use Partybag as a speaker for my PC?

    Sure! Every Partybag model can be connected to an audio output Jack 3.5mm using the bundled cable, or via Bluetooth® audio connection if your device supports it.

    Can I connect two or more Partybags?

    Yes. Partybag 6 and 7 can be connected using a 6.35mm Jack/Jack cable (not included). Partybag Mini can be connected between each other with a 3.5mm cable.
    Wireless connection options, covering up to 100m and multiple receiving Partybag, are also available. Contact us or check out the Wireless section of our website!

    Can I connect any Bluetooth® transmitting device to Partybag?

    Sure you can! However two Partybag cannot be connected with each other via Bluetooth®.

    Can I connect my radio microphone to Partybag?

    If you already have one contact us and we can give you some advice, it basically depends on the used frequencies/channels.
    However, we recommend our line of wireless microphones to prevent any compatibility problem.

    How many people can hear me outdoors with a Partybag?

    It depends! On the area to be covered, on background noise, obstacles, kind of application… and on the Partybag model!
    If you are in doubt and considering a purchase we suggest three things:

    Try for yourself the Partybag models in one of the shops selling them or directly in our headquarters.
    Rent one or more Partybag ad have a hands-on test.
    Check out our videos to see Partybag in action.

    I'd like to wash my Partybag, is it possible?

    We suggest to wash Partybag with a wet cloth and a bit of neutral soap, nothing producing foam.
    It’s also possible to send us the Partybag for a professional cleaning, contact us for more information.

    Is Partybag waterproof?

    Partybag is water resistant, not 100% waterproof.
    In Partybag 6 and 7 models you can use the rain cover for additional protection of the front part from rain or water jets.
    No Partybag model should be immersed in water anyway.

    My Partybag is not working anymore. What can I do?

    Every Partybag model is covered by a 2 years warranty. If you have a problem not covered by the warranty, we can still fix it at affordable prices. Contact us.

    I would like to apply the warranty on my Partybag, who do I have to ask?

    You can ask the shop where you bought it, or directly us if you bought it from our online shop. Feel free to contact us!

    I don't know how to connect two Partybag, what should I do?

    To connect two Partybag 6 or 7 you have to use a 6.35mm Jack cable (sometimes called “guitar cable”).

    To connect two Partybag Mini you can use the bundled Mini-Jack cable.

    In both cases to connect A and B you have to connect one connector of the cable to the “Line Out” of A, and the other to the input of B. Then the audio provided to A via microphone,
    Bluetooth® or others will be played by B as well.

    The two volumes will remain independent, and have to be set separately.

    Can Partybag Mini be connected to Partybag 6/7?

    Sure, for example you can connect the output of Partybag Mini to the input of a Partybag 6 using the Jack-RCA cable bundled with Partybag 6. So for example a DJ can have his small
    “stage monitor” on the table (Partybag Mini) and his portable PA system for the audience (Partybag 6). But there can be other applications of course: the only limit is fantasy!

    How many Partybag can be connected?

    Via cable it’s possible to connect in daisy-chain an arbitrary number of Partybag. In wireless models every Transmitter (TX) can be connected
    to any number of receivers (RX) inside the coverage area. So there is not a maximum!

    What kind of cloth is Partybag covered on?

    Partybag is covered in Cordura(tm), a material very common in military applications and technical clothing. It’s waterproof and cut/scratch resistant.

    What is included in bundle with Partybag 7?

    1 x Partybag 7
    1 x User Manual and Warranty
    1 x Battery Charger for Partybag 7 (29,4V 2A)
    1 x Jack 3.5mm – Jack 3.5mm
    1 x Rain Cover

    What is included in bundle with Partybag MINI?

    1 x Partybag Mini
    1 x User Manual and Warranty
    1 x Battery Charger for Partybag Mini (14V 2A)
    1 x Jack 3.5mm – Jack 3.5mm